Ask PSLS: Which September 2013 New Release Video Game do you Want the Most?

August 30, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Marking our third (and final) Ask PSLS of the week, we look ahead to the busy month of September, asking the staff: Which September 2013 new release do you want the most?

Anthony Severino – Re-re-remix (@Sev_Anthony)

Rayman Legends. This game is excellent, but the Wii U version is better than the PS3 version hands down due to the collaborative GamePad play. Outside of that, Killzone: Mercenary looks good, as does Puppeteer. I want to buy Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, but ain’t nobody got time fo dat. Except Chandler, who I just shipped the review copy to.

Cameron Teague – Demon Slayer (@Cameron_PSLS)

The default answer for me is NHL 14, which I will play for a straight year until 15 releases. Though I am really upset that it is not releasing on the PS4, so my most wanted September release is going to be a tie between Diablo III and Disgaea D2. I had an absolute blast kicking demon’s asses at E3 and can’t wait to do so again with DIII. Disgaea D2 has my favorite characters from the series and is an absolute riot, with an extremely deep combat system.

Chandler Wood – Goofy (@FinchStrife)

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. I can’t wait to jump into this world again and finally get to show my wife what it’s all about. I remember when the first Kingdom Hearts game came out for PS2 and the nostalgia trip this is going to send me on is bound to be amazing.

Jason Dunning – Legendary (@Jasonad21)

Well, I may or may not be playing a big September release already, so I can’t count that one. This leaves Rayman Legends as my most wanted game of September, and could end up being the best 2D platformer of the year, provided Puppeteer doesn’t became the sleeper hit of the year (which I kind of hope it does).

Joseph Fait – Seriously (@AcesHigh291)

Rayman, Rayman, Rayman! Buy this damn game, people.

Louis Edwards – Never Say Never (@ftwrthtx)

The only thing I’m looking forward to in September is Killzone: Mercenary. I’ve never been a GTA fan, so you can count me out on that.

Sebastian Moss – Proper (@SebMoss)

I’m so excited to play the first proper GTA game on current gen consoles. It has been such a long, long time.

Which September 2013 new release do you want the most? Let us know in the comments below.