GameStop: Call of Duty: Ghosts is “On Track to be the Most Pre-Ordered Title of the Year”

September 9, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


First, the important news regarding Call of Duty: Ghosts:

With Eminem’s new The Marshall Mathers LP 2 coming out on the same day as Ghosts, anyone who pre-orders the game at GameStop will receive a launch copy that includes a code (which you’ll get on November 5th) to download a special edition of the LP, which includes a bonus studio track, for $8.99.

Eminem said, “The energy and intensity of ‘Survival’ really matches Call of Duty: Ghosts. I’m excited to continue to be a part of the franchise.

Also this:

Bob Puzon, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at GameStop, then talked about Ghosts, revealing that it set to do really well when it comes to pre-orders:

Call of Duty is an entertainment juggernaut and cultural phenomenon.  We are excited for the upcoming release of the new installment of this blockbuster franchise. We look forward to celebrating the worldwide November launch of this great game that is on track to be the most pre-ordered title of the year.

Where are you going to be buying Call of Duty: Ghosts? And will it be on PS3 or PS4? Let us know in the comments below.