Sony is Targeting New Users With the PS Vita 2000, Real Development Started in Spring 2012

September 13, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


We’ve heard about the PlayStation Vita 2000 from Andrew House already this week, while also asking if you’d be buying one, but Mika Nagae, Head of the PCH-2000 Design Project at SCE, is someone we have yet to feature.

Following the PS Vita 2000 unveiling, Mika was interviewed by Famitsu Magazine (via Polygon), detailing why Sony began development in the first place:

This project got its start out of an effort to make the current PS Vita thinner and lighter, attracting more gamers without affecting the game experience. In addition to people who’re already using PS Vitas, we were also targeting new users here. The design plan for this has been around since just after the launch of the current Vita, but real development didn’t begin until the spring of 2012.

As for the myriad of colors that will be available to choose from when the device launches next month in Japan, Mika continued:

The current Vita presents this sort of high-class look with its coloring, but we wanted the new Vita to be accessible by anyone, regardless of age or gender. So I discussed things with the designers, trying to come up with casual, yet fresh and unique colors we could use. The colors have been pretty basic up to now, but the new Vita is trying to change that image by taking a different approach to coloring.

With the 1GB of internal memory, the PS Vita 2000 won’t force consumers to buy a memory card right off the bat, with Nagae saying that the 1GB of memory “was the result of us really wanting users to be able to start running the system immediately.”

If you could magically turn your PS Vita 1000 into another color, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.