5-minute video compares new Vita’s LCD screen with original OLED

September 15, 2013Written by Heath Hindman

Some game shops in Japan have already got Vita-2000’s out (it’s the handheld we’ll be playing…in the year 2000!). We’ve seen some videos before, and now, the same gamer went in and filming, to get a side-by-side comparison of the 2000’s LCD screen versus the 1000’s OLED screen. The systems run the same games, to keep comparisons as honest as possible. Try watching without knowing which is which.

What do you think? Which looked overall better? Whichever you picked, keep in mind that they are sitting at slightly different angles, so that might have some impact on the overall viewing. The LCD screen is on the bottom and the OLED is on the top.

I’m reserving judgement until I can see them side-by-side, in person. Hopefully I’ll get a shot to do so Thursday and Friday, when I’m at the Tokyo Game Show.