Nolan North: “Still no Word on Uncharted. Fingers Crossed, But I Still Don’t Know About That”

September 18, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Following up his previous interview where he talked about the PlayStation 4, Nolan North is back again, giving out huge news in the form of him having just wrapped a few episodes (on camera) of Pretty Little Liars.

In actual video games news, he did speak to GamerHub about what he’s working on right now:

I’ve done some stuff for Warner Bros…. and a couple developers. I mean, I can’t talk about all the things I do.

No, there’s still no word on Uncharted. Fingers crossed, but I still don’t know about that.

With his recent comment about Uncharted, it sounds very similar to what he said back in July: “I have no idea… Naughty Dog is busy with The Last of Us, which is supposed to be fantastic, but they’ve been really, really busy with that.” Adding how he’s “hoping, but I really don’t know. The fact that I don’t know is always disconcerting, but we’ll see.”

Nolan was then asked what he thinks about actors like Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe getting into voice acting, mentioning how it’s “become more of a reputable part of the business,” while also name-dropping Maximo vs. Army of Zin as one of his first jobs, before continuing:

There was a time when I first got onto gaming that developers and big companies didn’t even really want to have union actors – they would just get anybody. But as everything’s progressed, they want better and better writing, better programming, better performances.

When any part of the entertainment business starts generating this kind of money, you’re gonna get more people interested. And that’s why people like Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe [are in Beyond: Two Souls].

After mentioning how brilliant and nice Gary Oldman is, North added, “The more respect that this part of the business gets, the better product we’re going to give to gamers… the more money it’s going to make overall and it’s going to be right up there rivaling movies, if it already isn’t.”

Do you believe Nolan North about the fact that he hasn’t heard anything about a new Uncharted game? Are you going to watch Pretty Little Liars just because of him? Let us know in the comments below.


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