PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: September 21st & 22nd, 2013 – Double Wood Edition

September 20, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Starting all the way back on Wednesday with Ask PSLS and continuing today in the PSLS PlayList, we have both Chandler and D’yani Wood being featured, and this is something that will be commonplace going forward on these types of articles.

Here’s what everyone is playing this weekend:

Chandler Wood – Single Wood (@FinchStrife)

Depending on how nice I am feeling, I will either be playing Grand Theft Auto V myself or watching D’yani play GTA V while I play something or other on my Vita. It is my birthday weekend however (birthday is on Monday), so I might end up playing that card to secure the active DualShock 3 in my hands. I mean… she gets to play all day while I’m at work anyway… right?

D’yani Wood – Double Wood

I’ll be looking for any excuse to get Chandy away from the PS3 so I can play GTA V! Except we all know that won’t happen…

Dan Oravasaari – Rockstar and Red Bull (@FoolsJoker)

This weekend I will actually try to get some R&R, since I have been going non-stop since PAX Prime. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t putting some time into GTA V and Killzone: Mercenary, as I still need to tie up those loose ends before GTA Online.

Heath Hindman – Turned Japanese A Long Time Ago

TGS, man. I’ve played some great stuff so far, and I’m working to get it all written down. Highlights have been Knack, Deep Down, Titanfall, the new Wolfenstein, DriveClub, Soul Sacrifice Delta, neat indie stuff, and a Maple Story game for 3DS (out of nowhere!). Some really great games for all platforms. Too bad the show floor isn’t open for longer.

Jason Dunning – It’s Kind of a Long Story (@Jasonad21)

Due to a very long story that I’ll probably mention in my eventual review, I’ll be playing through even more of Dragon Fantasy: Book II.

Joseph Peterson – Free Time is Fleeting

Definitely will be playing GTA V while I get some free time this weekend. It is already the best title I’ve played this gen.

Louis Edwards – Go Marlins! (@ftwrthtx)

Now that I have my SR IV Platinum out of the way I can jump into the pennant race with MLB 13: The Show.

Sebastian Moss – Fun Times Ahead (@SebMoss)

Preparing for the inevitable apocalypse by training my liver’s toxin processing abilities, and my mind’s fortitude against said toxins.

What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.