The Entirety of Beyond: Two Souls Can Be Played Via iOS or Android Devices

September 27, 2013Written by Anthony Severino



If you’re like me, when you’re playing video games, you probably have your smartphone or a tablet somewhere nearby or on your lap. Now you can use them to play Beyond: Two Souls, instead of a PS3 controller. In an unprecedented move, Quantic Dream has designed a touch-enabled companion app for Beyond: Two Souls, that can be used to play through the entirety of the game—no DualShock 3 required.

David Cage explained how the Beyond: Two Souls Touch companion app will interact with the PS3 today at Eurogamer Expo:

It connects to the console via Wi-Fi, and from this point you can play the entire game, in single-player if you want, just using your iPhone … just with one finger. It’s a very simplified interface [and] makes the game very passive and simple.

Beyond Touch” is available now on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Will you give this way of controlling Beyond: Two Souls a try? Or will you stick with the traditional DualShock 3 option?