Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets Some New PS4 Multiplayer Footage, Single Player Runs at 30+ FPS Unlocked

November 4, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Over the weekend, the PS Blog released some new Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer footage, which you can see below:

Unfortunately, there are “limitations to streamed video on the internet,” so “in order to properly demonstrate the framerate and resolution we achieve in Shadow Fall’s multiplayer,” Sony has released another video, which you can download here (or here). Make sure to use a video player with hardware acceleration when watching the footage, with Sony recommending Windows Media Player for Windows users and QuickTime Player for Mac users. Do not use a non-accelerated player (such as VLC Media Player) because the framerate and resolution of this movie are simply too high and will likely cause choppy playback.

Also, in that PS Blog post over the weekend, Social Media Manager Sid Shuman incorrectly stated that the single player campaign would run at native 1080p/60fps, just like the multiplayer. Game Director Steven ter Heide cleared this up by saying, “[Killzone: Shadow Fall] campaign is [30+ fps] unlocked, MP is [60fps].”

ter Heide then went on and detailed how long it takes you before playing Killzone: Shadow Fall, thanks to the reduced wait times:

From first time disc in to start playing first level is 2mins 44 seconds. Subsequent starts are 15 seconds from XMB to play.

Do you already have your copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall, or are you waiting for PS4 launch day to buy it? Let us know in the comments below.