Killzone: Shadow Fall Launch, Tech Trailers Released, “We’ve Leveraged the Raw Horsepower of the PS4”

November 12, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


While Killzone: Shadow Fall broke the November 15th release date by a couple weeks, the game will officially be playable this Friday, November 15th for people in the US and Canada, while those in Europe can get their hands on the game and PS4 two weeks later.

To celebrate the impending launch of Killzone: Shadow Fall, Sony and Guerrilla Games have released the official launch trailer, along with a tech trailer:

Game Director Steven ter Hiede spoke a little about Shadow Fall:

When we began working on Killzone Shadow Fall, we set out to redefine the Killzone FPS experience. It had to cater to a new, more resourceful playing style, requiring the use of tactics and intelligence to outmaneuver and outsmart enemies. At the same time, we wanted the game to remain true to its roots as a highly visceral shooter.

As excited as we are to talk about where we’ve taken the story and gameplay in the Killzone universe with Shadow Fall, we’re just as eager to showcase the numerous ways in which we’ve leveraged the raw horsepower of the PS4 to push the tech in our engine to jaw-dropping new heights.

If you happened to pre-order the game, you’ll still receive the soundtrack, but it has been delayed slightly, so stay tuned for more information regarding a new release date.

To know whether or not Killzone: Shadow Fall is worth your money, stay tuned for our review on Wednesday or Thursday.

Do you already have your copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall ready to go for Friday? Let us know in the comments below.