DICE is “Aware of the Frequent Crashes in Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4”; Update Expected Next Week

November 18, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


After DICE released a new update for the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4 yesterday, they have issued a new statement for the game on PS4, revealing how another update should be arriving next week:

We are aware of the frequent crashes in Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4. We are hard at work identifying these issues and are hoping to get a game update out early next week. Stay tuned for more details as we can confirm them, and thanks for your patience!

As for the problems with Conquest, they addressed that as well:

We are working on the conquest bug too and will release the patch for that when the fix is ready. This fix will address a client crash, the second most common one at that. So hopefully you will notice less crashes when the servers have updated.

We have more PS4 updates coming in very soon as well.

When someone said it was “total BS” how they weren’t doing anything with the Conquest, Striterax said:

Hmm, who said we’re not addressing it? We have engineers right next to me working on it right now mate, when the fix is ready it will be deployed, rest assured it will happen soon.

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