PlayStation Europe Temporarily Disabling PS4’s What’s New and Content Information Screen Features

November 28, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


When the PlayStation 4 launched in North America earlier this month, there were problems with the What’s New, Live Area, and other features, which weren’t restored until a few days after console release.

Being proactive, PlayStation Europe will be temporarily disabling the following PS4 features:

  • What’s New – Discover and engage with all of your friends’ PS4 related activity.
  • Content Information Screen – See friends’ activity and information specific to the title you are looking at.

The reason for them doing this was explained in a statement:

Following the successful launch of PS4 in North America on the 15th November, we have seen an unprecedented influx of players onto PSN. When we launch in Europe on Friday, once again, we are expecting record sales and record numbers of people logging onto PSN at similar times, alongside the North American players already on PSN.

We want to make sure that your online experience is positive. To help ensure that this happens, we have made the decision to switch off a couple of features for European customers on day one. These features will then be switched back on a few days later, once the intensity of launch day calms down.

They still promise that online multiplayer, video sharing/streaming, and other features will be available on day 1, but don’t forget that downloading system software update 1.51 through the internet could take some time, so think about putting it on a USB stick to save some time.

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