Battlefield 4 PS4 Patch to Fix the One-Hit Kill Bug Now Live

December 5, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


After being delayed from the original release date earlier this week, DICE has finally pushed the latest patch live for the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4. Fixing the one-hit kill bug, here’s a refresher of the patch notes:

  • Fixed the “one-hit kill” bug where damage from a single bullet sometimes was applied multiple times. This could lead to firefights where normal rifles sometimes dealt one-shot kills, which is not as designed.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when having a very large amounts of Friends.
  • Enabled audio in PS4 video captures.

DICE also took the time to explain what exactly the one-hit kill bug was:

We are seeing reports from people that this is still present, with descriptions such as “I came around the edge of a building and died instantly”. It is important to understand that this is not the One-hit Kill Bug, that is another issue that we are working on addressing. For this, it is important to understand how some of the interpretations made by the game happen so that you can understand the difference.

We saw an issue where a bullet travelling towards an opponent would cause damage in one frame, and then again in the next frame. Therefore bullets would cause 2x damage if they hit the target between these two frames. This issue has been addressed.

The issue of dying before you saw who shot you is a different beast. We use a term called Interpolation in reference to where you are in the game world. There are instances where the death camera is initiated before the correct internet packets have arrived to be interpolated by your camera. This gives the impression that you were killed by “one shot” as someone came around the corner of a building. We have identified this issue and will address it in upcoming updates.

This update comes the day after DICE stated how they wouldn’t move on to other projects until Battlefield 4 is fixed, and with that, the next PS4 update is already in the works. They promise this “will contain more fixes and have a bigger focus on game stability.”

How is Battlefield 4 performing for you after the patch? Let everyone know in the comments below.