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Still in Stock PS4 Shoots to top of Amazon Charts, Refuses to Sell Out [Until Now: Sold Out]

December 21, 2013 Written by Sebastian Moss


A whopping 10 hours ago, we let you know that the incredibly-hard-to-find PS4 was suddenly back in stock on Amazon. At the time, we presumed that the console would sell out in minutes – after all, the last time the PS4 was on Amazon, they shifted 12,000 units in 27 minutes, before selling out.

But, despite being even closer to Christmas, the PS4 has yet to sell out.

Instead, the PS4 has rocketed up the Amazon video game charts and now sits comfortably at number 1, with the DualShock 4 close behind at number 2. When the console was unavailable, it fell down the charts and was at #62 until this sudden stock surge, at which point sales rose 6,100% according to Amazon’s Movers & Shakers in Video Games charts – although it’s unclear how they judge a rise in sales from zero.

PS4 bundles also saw sales bumps as some of them came back in stock:

For comparison, the Xbox One is in stock, but isn’t available before Christmas (which may be a deciding factor for many), and the base unit currently sits at number 20 on the charts. What is interesting, however, is that the Xbox One is leading the Most Wished For charts, with the PS4 at number two.

Giving us a deeper look at sales across the year is the Best Sellers of 2013 in Video Games charts, where the PS4 is 8th and the Xbox One 17th (if you were wondering, the $20 PSN card is number 1).

Have you bought a PS4 yet? If not, what’s your excuse? Let us know either way in the comments below, and share your predictions as to how many PS4s Sony has sold.