Sony is Aware of PSN Problems, Disappearing Friends Lists, Download, Login Issues, NW-31448-0, is “Investigating”

December 26, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss


We warned you about the PSN’s connection issues ahead of Christmas, and then let you know that the network was struggling over Christmas itself, and now it’s time for a Boxing Day update.

While the PSN has improved, it is still very buggy, with tons of people unable to login, download games, purchase things or play online. One specific bug that seems to have cropped up for a lot of people is that their friends list either disappears, or simply makes them look unpopular as half the list has gone.

Sony has now commented on the problems, saying:

Hello PlayStation Community,

We have noticed various reports of connection issues with PSN including, but not limited to friends lists, game download, purchase, and login issues. We are aware of the issues and we appreciate your patience while we investigate.

Sadly, the comment doesn’t offer any fixes, or provide us with a timeline, but at least we know that Sony is working on a fix.

Are you angry about all the downtime and crashes, or should we accept problems during peak events? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: If Netflix is down for you, that’s not Sony’s fault.