Shuhei Yoshida: PS4/PS Vita Remote Play Issue With a Plugged in Headset Isn’t a Bug, “But a Known Inconvenience”

January 6, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


It seems Shuhei Yoshida didn’t take any breaks over the weekend from his Twitter account, including the very important matter of the fact that no one has ever spelled his name ‘Shoe’ instead of ‘Shu’, despite the two being pronounced in the exact same way.

With that important piece of news behind us, Shuhei tackled some less important things, one of which is a PS4/PS Vita Remote Play issue where the Vita is unable to log into the PS4 for Remote Play if a USB headset is plugged into the PS4. The person asking the question originally called it a bug, but Shuhei’s reply of, “It’s not a bug, but a known inconvenience,” shows that it seems to be an intentional move by Sony, one they’ll hopefully fix in the future.

Moving to the Vita, someone brought up the fact that, “I used to be able to hit the PS button go to music and play it. Then go back to my game and it would keep playing. It doesn’t do that.” If you’re having this problem, Shuhei cleared it up by saying, “It still does. Some games do not support that feature, though.”

There were also a few more miscellaneous pieces of news Yoshida covered, which you can read about below:

  • Shuhei can’t make a PS4 version of Dead Rising 3 happen.
  • He hasn’t heard anything about God Eater 2 for PlayStation Vita being released in the West.
  • Someone asked if Shuhei could relay a message to the PlayStation Vita TV team to “make the game compatibility error a warning instead? Many incompatible games will work to some degree.” His response was simply, “Really? That’s surprising to me.” If true, this may be something to keep in mind if/when the Vita TV comes West.
  • Addressing full Linux support for the DualShock 4 (including use of all the controller’s features), Shuhei was non-committal and just said, “We are asked to fully support PC as well.”
  • Shuhei has no idea what this tiny Knack symbol is for:


  • He also got quite a laugh when someone said this character from Sleeping Dogs looks like him, without the glasses:


Do you think that Sleeping Dogs character actually looks like him? Let us know in the comments below.