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PS4 Stocked Up, Tops Amazon Best Sellers List While Xbox One Is Left Behind

February 3, 2014 Written by Staff

Amazon PS4 Bestseller

On Friday, the PS4 came back into stock at after a nearly month long stretch of unavailability. Sony must have supplied the world’s largest online retailer with ample supply, finally beginning to meet the massive consumer demand for Sony’s next gen console.

Surprisingly, the PS4 is still in stock at Amazon, allowing the console to return to the top of Amazon’s best sellers chart in video games—something that happened frequently before the PS4 launched while pre-orders for the console were still open. Currently, the PS4 is sitting at the #1 spot on the list, while it’s closest competitor, the Xbox One, which is also currently in stock, sits at #31 on the same chart.

Of course, this isn’t as cut and dry as it sounds, because the PS4 only came back in stock sparking quick sales while the Xbox One has been in supply for longer.

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