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Gamer Academy: South Park The Stick of Truth Friends & Chinpokomon Locations

March 10, 2014 Written by Dan Oravasaari

GA The Stick of Truth

Welcome to Gamer Academy, a weekly feature that will teach you what you need to know regarding the latest games, hardware and more.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Running around trying to find all the collectibles for a game can be a pain, so PSLS has decided to come with a list of locations to track down that missing item to complete your collection. 

Chinpokomon Locations

  • Chu-chu Nezumi – In a tree with the target hanging off of it. Near Stotch’s house.
  • Furrycat – Behind the trees to the right of Kyle’s house.
  • Lambtron – Hanging in a cage on the first floor of the Tower of Peace. Shoot it down.
  • Monkay – In Butter’s Bedroom.
  • Penguin – Inside Cartman’s garage (the key is in Cartman’s living room).
  • Fatdactyl – At the Theater, it is sitting on top of the ticket booth. Shoot it down.
  • Velocirapstar – Sitting in a window at Token’s house. Shoot it down.
  • Poodlesaurus Rex – Inside South Park Elementary, in the first hall on the right, it is in a vent. Shoot it down.
  • Roidrat – At Jimmy’s house, use the ladder to the attic.
  • Beetlebot – In the UFO, after taking the elevator to the hologram room, it is sitting on top of the television screens. Shoot it down.
  • Vamporko – At the basketball court near the Community Center.
  • Brocorri - At the Tower of Peace, use Cup-O-Spell on the lantern to melt the ice cube.
  • Rabbitech – In the Police Station, go upstairs to the evidence room. Use the ladder to reach it on the shelf.
  • Sna-kat – To the left of City Hall, it is sitting in a tree. Shoot it down.
  • Stegmata – Inside Kyle’s garage.
  • Gophermon – Inside the Community Center, it is in the last stall of the men’s restroom.
  • Gunrilla – At South Park mall, on top of the cabinets to the left of the conference table. Shoot it down.
  • Cosmonewt – At Stark’s Pond, use the alien teleporter to enter the UFO.
  • Donkeytron – Inside the destroyed school, use the Cup-o-fart with the flame to reveal him.
  • Pterdaken – Inside the destroyed school, open the locker to the right of Token upstairs.
  • Terribovine – At Tweek’s Coffee shop, shrink down and look behind the bench.
  • Fetuswami – At Unplanned Parenthood, after the Nazi Zombie Fetuses attack, find the dead soldier with a grenade in his hand. Shoot it to blow it up, then shrink down and follow the tunnel.
  •  Ferasnarf – Complete ‘Wasted Cache’ to get a storage key to unit 221. It will be sitting on a shelf in the locker at the Storage Locker. Shoot it down.
  • Roo-stor – Get the key for unit 223 from Butters’ room. Then inside that locker at the Storage Locker, it is up in a vent, up the ladder. Shoot it down.
  • Flowerpotamus – In Skeeter’s Bar, it is sitting in the back of the room on a shelf. Shoot it down.
  • Accountafish – Inside the Post Office, get the key to the Gazette Building from the PO Boxes. Once inside the Gazette Building, it is to the right of the girl in a vent.
  • Mouse-Tik – At the entrance of the Basketball courts.
  • Gerbitoad – In the Sewers, it will be near a house past the generator.
  • Biebersaurus – In the Sewers, go to the Underground Cavern and find the cracked rock. Smash it to reveal a path.
  • Shoe – Outside Clyde’s Tower, use the alien teleporter to get to the roof.

South Park TSoT

 Friend Locations

  • Mr. Adler – South Park Community Center.
  • Al Gore – To the left of Tweek Bros. Coffee.
  • Annie – Save her outside City Hall.
  • Officer Barbrady – Outside Tom’s Rhinoplasty.
  • Bartender – Complete ‘Rats in the Cellar’. He is in Skeeter’s Bar.
  • Beary, Rabbity, Skunky, Beavery, Mousey, Squirrely, Deery, Woodpeckery, Porcupiney, Foxy, Chickadee-y, Raccoony – Found in the Lost Forest.
  • Bebe, Wendy, Red – Story based.
  • Big Gay Al – When inside Mr. Slave, answer the phone.
  • Mrs. Biggle – On bench outside Post Office.
  • Bill – Story based.
  • Bishop of Banff – Story based.
  • Bradley – Next to Stan’s house. Use Gnome Powder to get under bushes.
  • Mr. Broflovski – Outside Kyle’s house.
  • Butters – Story based.
  • Cartman – Story based.
  • Mrs. Cartman – Inside Cartman’s House.
  • Catatafish – Story based.
  • Chinpokomon Toy Corporation – Collect all 30 Chinpokomon.
  • Chris Donnely – He is in the Elven Kingdom.
  • Clyde – In Kupa Keep during first visit (Removed shortly after)
  • Crab People – In the Sewers. Smash a rock with the Nagasaki spell.
  • Craig – Complete ‘Detention Sentence’. He is at South Park Elementary.
  • Dad – At your house.
  • Damien – Sitting in the back of the Theater
  • DogPoo – Complete ‘Restoring the Balance’. He is in the Elven Kingdom.
  • Dougie – Outside the Stotch’s house.
  • Douglas - Between Unplanned Parenthood and Photo-Dojo. Use Alien teleporter.
  • Duke of Vancouver – Story based.
  • Earl of Winnipeg – He is located in Winnipeg.
  • Esther, Leroy Mullins –  Inside the News Office (need key from PO Box in Post Office).
  • Filmore, Flora, Quaid, Jenny, Billy, Sally - Complete ‘Hide ‘n’ Seek’.
  • Fosse – Story based.
  • Frog King – Story based.
  • Francis – Knock down snowman in front of Kyle’s House.
  • Mr. Garrison – South Park Community Center.
  • General Disarray – Inside Chaos Lair (Key is in Butter’s bedroom).
  • Mr/Mrs. Hankey, Cornwallis, Amber  – Complete ‘Dropping the Kids Off”. They are in the sewer.
  • Mr. Hat – Story based.
  • Henrietta, Michael, Pete, Firkle – Complete ‘Recruit the Goth Kids’. 
  • Ike – During the Clyde tower assault.
  • Jason – Buy equipment from the Elven Kingdom.
  • Jesus – Complete ‘Find Jesus’. He is in the Church.
  • Jessie Rodriquez – Story based.
  • Jessie, Nelly, Heidi, Allie Nelson - In the girls hideout.
  • Jimbo, Ned – Complete ‘Big Game Huntin’ with Jimbo’. They are in Jimbo’s Guns.
  • Jimmy – Complete ‘Magical Songs’. He is outside Kyle’s house.
  • Karen – In Kenny’s house.
  • Kelly Gardner – Near garbage can between Jimmy and Clyde’s houses.
  • Kelly Rutherford – At the Bus Stop left of your house, after you get 20 friends.
  • Kenny – Complete ‘Flower for a Princess’. Inside Kupa Keep, give Kenny the Daffodil you pick.
  • Kevin Stoley – Complete ‘Vulcan Around’. He is inside his bedroom.
  • Mr. Kim – Complete ‘Mongolian Beef’. He is inside City Wok.
  • Kyle – Story based.
  • Lemmiwinks – Second floor of school during the attack.
  • Lola – Inside the Post Office. Need 40 friends.
  • Mr. Mackey – Complete ‘Wasted Cache’. He is in the Community Center.
  • Mayor McDaniels – Complete ‘The Homeless Problem’. She is in City Hall.
  • Priest Maxi – Complete ‘Find Jesus’. He is on the bench to the right of the Police Station.
  • Mr. McCormick – To the left of Skeeter’s Bar.
  • Mrs. McCormick – Inside Kenny’s house.
  • Millie – Behind Unplanned Parenthood, knockdown the snowman to reach her.
  • Minister of Montreal – Caverns of Quebec.
  • Mom – Inside your house, accessible after you are allowed back in.
  • Monica – Story based.
  • Pete – Up the ladder in Clyde’s garage. You must shoot the latch to knock the ladder down.
  • Polly Prissypants – Cartman’s room.
  • Prince/Princess of Canada – Story based.
  • Randy - Complete ‘Alien Abduction’. He will be on the UFO.
  • Romper Stomper – In the Police Station lockup (Get the key from the locker room upstairs, by climbing through the vent).
  • Santa – Second floor of Police Station, go out fire escape and use Alien Teleporter to get to roof.
  • Sergeant Yates – Complete ‘Nazi Zombie Bounty’. He is in the Police Station.
  • Scott Malkinson – In Kupa Keep.
  • Shelly Marsh – Complete ‘She Ogre’. She will be in her room.
  • Simon – Rescue him in the Sewer.
  • Skeeter – Complete ‘Rats in the Cellar’. He is in Skeeter’s Bar.
  • Mr. Slave – Complete ‘ Mr. Slave’s Package’. He is in his house.
  • Sparrow Prince – Story based.
  • Stan – Complete ‘The She-Ogre’. He is in the Elf Kingdom.
  • Mr. Stotch – In the Stotch house.
  • Mrs. Stotch – In the Stotch House.
  • Terrance and Phillip – Story based.
  • Timmy – Find all the Timmy Express locations.
  • Token – Complete ‘Gate Crasher’. He is in the house with the security guard.
  • Tweek – Complete ‘Hot Coffee’. He is in the back of Tweek Bros. Coffee.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tweak – Purchase Speed Potion Ultra from Tweek Bros. Coffee.
  • Underpants Gnome – Complete ‘Phase 1′. He will be in your room.
  • Principal Victoria – Complete ‘PTA Problems’. She is in the Community Center.

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