Harmonix Planning on Bringing Rock Band to Next-Gen Consoles

April 11, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


It appears as though the PS4 and Xbox One (and maybe Wii U) will be getting some plastic instruments in the future, as Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos revealed at a PAX East keynote address (via GameSpot) that they have “grand plans” to bring the Rock Band franchise to next-gen consoles.

He expanded a little bit on those “grand plans” by saying Rock Band would show up in this “console cycle… at some point” with “guns blazing.” He then made sure to say Rock Band 4 wouldn’t be announced at PAX East, adding that the Rock Band franchise is “near and dear” to the studio.

Rigopulos also said Harmonix has plans to bring Dance Central to next-gen consoles, but he didn’t specify which ones (the Dance Central series has so far only appeared on Xbox platforms).

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