Watch Dogs has Gone Gold, May 27th Release Date Definitely Happening

May 14, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


It feels like I’m typing this about 6 months late, but Watch Dogs has officially gone gold! This means that the game, in all its 900p/30fps glory on PS4, will definitely be available worldwide on May 27th for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC (the Wii U version will follow later this year).

Creative Director Jonathan Morin talked about this momentous occasion:

It’s exciting to be gold. But it’ll be more exciting when people are playing. For the fans it means that it’s true. It means there will be no such thing as another delay. But for us, it’s not done until they actually have it in their hands.

Lead Gameplay Designer Danny Belanger then explained how you can play Watch Dogs whichever way you choose:

We tried to make a game that’s very scalable in the sense that it supports your play style. It supports what you want to do most of the time. And it also supports your motivation. Do you want to play a story? Do you want to drive? Do you want to shoot? Do you want to hack? Do you want to play with others? Do you want to play on a tablet? It allows players to do what they feel like, which I find really cool. There’s lots of things to explore, there’s lots of things to try. I think the greatest thing about Watch Dogs is doing what you think is fun.

Morin added, “I invite players to play it the way they want. To explore the different ways of playing. To not necessarily follow the instincts they know from other games. To find your own fun in it. That’s how Watch Dogs is meant to be played.”

Will you be picking up Watch Dogs on May 27th? Let everyone know in the comments below.