Best of E3 2014 Awards: Winners and Honorable Mentions

June 20, 2014Written by Dan Oravasaari


Best of E3 Winner

Alex Co: With Destiny, Bungie has made what seems to be an impossibility at this point and that’s breathing new life in the tired first-person shooter genre. The E3 demo, which is the same as the alpha we got to play, shows how much ambition the studio is reaching for. And what’s shocking here is, they are on the verge of pulling it off if what we’ve played is anything to go by. Those not fans of MMOs (like me), can rest easy that it doesn’t play like one, but has all its good elements in play. Activision has sunk a ton of money into Bungie and Destiny, and after playing it, I understand why — Destiny seems to be the real deal and I predict, FPS fans will “Become Legend” themselves soon enough.

D’yani: This game was impressive to me because it seems like it will satisfy a wide range of gamers. It’s got open world type exploration, competitive online multiplayer, campaign online and offline, and RPG elements. Who couldn’t like that? In Sony’s press conference, I even saw the story-based trailer and couldn’t believe it was for Destiny — a game I associated with mostly online multiplayer.The graphics are impressive, the styling of the entire world is beautiful, and it seems as if Bungie has created the game they always dreamed of both as gamers AND developers.

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