Best of E3 2014 Awards: Winners and Honorable Mentions

June 20, 2014Written by Dan Oravasaari

The Division

Best of E3 Winner

ChandlerThe Division earned one of our ‘Best of E3’ awards last year, and with what we saw this year, we found that we again couldn’t pass it up. The ambition behind the project is huge, creating what amounts to a post-pandemic, shooter MMORPG, with gorgeous visuals that trump nearly everything else that we have seen on the new generation of platforms. The gameplay shown looks solid and unique, and if Ubisoft can get the online infrastructure to work right, this could be the game that defines a generation and sets a new bar for quality in games.

D’yani: Wow. Everything we, as gamers, have been asking for from the next generation of gaming consoles seems to be covered with The Division. There’s the extremely detailed graphics and an environment that ages, gets destroyed, plays well with real weather, and is not boring after you’ve seen all the assets. We also wanted immersive and seamless online multiplayer as if you’re teaming up with real people by choice in an apocalyptic world to get shit done, and The Division has that. And I have to mention that in the hands-off demo I saw at E3, I about cried during the beginning story scene, which makes me VERY excited to experience the entire story when the game is released.

For a full preview click here.

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