PlayStation Store Preview – July 8, 2014: It’s Okay, If it’s in a Three-Way

July 7, 2014 Written by Anthony Severino

PlayStation Plus Content for July 8, 2014 (plus any additional sales)






PS4 Games


TowerFall Ascension  Towerfall: Ascension (Free)

STrider  Strider (Free)


PSN Games


Vessel  Vessel (Free)

Thomas Was Alone - Kevin!!!!  Thomas Was Alone (Free)


PS3 Games


Dead Space 3  Dead Space 3 (Free)

Remember Me  Remember Me (Free)


PS Vita Games


Doki Doki  Doki-Doki Universe (Free, includes cross-buy with PS4, PS3)

Muramasa Rebirth  Muramasa Rebirth (Free)

Mutant Mudds Deluxe  Mutant Mudds Deluxe (Free)

Surge Deluxe  Surge Deluxe (Free)

Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD  Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD (Free)


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