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Capcom Posts Steady Profits for Q1 Despite Lack of Major Releases

August 2, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Capcom hasn’t released any big titles lately, but the company has posted steady profits for the first quarter of the current financial year ending 2015. 

While sales and net income fell by ¥7.8 billion to ¥9.6 billion and by ¥63 million to ¥765 million, respectively, there was a sharp rise in operating income from ¥723 million to ¥1.27 billion. This increase of 75.3% has been attributed to repeat sales. Capcom said in a statement:

Although sales declined due to a lack of major titles, operating income increased on highly profitable repeat sales and cost reductions in each business segment.

With the upcoming launch of Monster Hunter 4G in Japan later this year, Capcom expects a better financial performance. The company also noted that Monster Hunter Frontier GG “performed steadily.”

[Source: Capcom]