Bungie Shows How to Progress Past Level 20 in Destiny, “Motes of Light” Explained

August 2, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan

motes of light

It’s been known since Destiny’s beta that Guardians cannot progress past level 20 in the traditional way, however, they’re able to go beyond the level cap by collecting “Motes of Light,” which are available when you get to level 20. Bungie has now detailed how this works. 

Players can gather the collectibles and take them to the Tower aka Destiny’s social hub. The Speaker character will then exchange the items for special armor, which will boost your character stats. Keep in mind that you’ll still show as a level-20 player in your character menu, but your playercard will show the actual level, which others can see as well. You’ll be stronger and will be able to take on more difficult missions with your character’s strength. 

Destiny’s designer Sage Merrill told IGN that at level 20, you’ll have “all the tools in your toolbox” to “go out and do pretty much any activity you like.” However, some missions will require players to be on a higher level than that. 

Check out the video below for further details: 

[Source: IGN]