Sniper Elite III to Get New Multiplayer Map and Sniper Rifles Pack

August 3, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Developer Rebellion Oxford has announced two new DLC packs for its recently released tactical shooter, Sniper Elite III

Players will get a new multiplayer map called Lost Valley, which Rebellion describes as being “packed with secret routes, vantage points and plenty of lush foliage for cover.” Snipers will have to choose between navigating through a dangerous terrain and ambushing the enemy. Lost Valley will be free of charge. 

The Sniper Rifles pack will include a Kar 98k, the M1917 Enfield, and a special edition of the Springfield rifle. This DLC won’t be free, but there’s no confirmation of the price either. 

The free map is good news for those who are enjoying the multiplayer mode of Sniper Elite III. PSLS’s Dan reviewed the game and noted that the multiplayer was “simple but fun.” You can read his full review here