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Guerrilla Games Fine-Tunes Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept Progression

August 4, 2014 Written by Jason Dunning

Releasing later this week when the PlayStation Store updates is the Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept standalone content, which will allow you to play Shadow Fall’s co-op mode without owning the full Killzone: Shadow Fall game.

Based on feedback from those who have played Intercept already, Guerrilla Games made some changes to the progression system, which you can read about below:

The following challenges have been modified for each Combat Role:

  • Banked Points target requirements have been decreased by 50%
  • Headshot requirements have been decreased by 50%-66%
  • Ability-related challenge requirements have been rebalanced
  • Weapon-related challenge requirements have been decreased by 75%

In addition, it is now possible for players to view their progress towards the next tier by pressing [CROSS] on the post-match screen for additional details.

KILLZONE™ SHADOW FALL_20140804102658

Here’s all the trophies in Intercept:

  • Pyromanic (Bronze) – Get 250 kills with the Assault’s Breacher automatic shotgun in co-op
  • High and Dry (Bronze) – Get 250 kills with the Marksman’s LS70 sniper rifle in co-op
  • Necromancer (Bronze) – Revive 50 Team mates in co-op
  • Tactical Triplets (Bronze) – Get 250 kills with the Tactician Turrets in co-op
  • Bare Hands (Bronze) – Get 5 brutal melee kills as each of the four Combat Roles in co-op
  • Rampage (Bronze) – Get 250 kills with the minigun
  • Death From Above (Bronze) – Get 250 kills with the jetpack
  • Wallstreet Banker (Silver) – Bank 2500 points as each of the four Combat Roles in co-op
  • You’re Fired (Silver) – Kill 10 boss characters
  • Technical Problems (Silver) – Destroy 50 Air Support Drones
  • Head Hunter (Silver) – Get 500 headshots with any weapon
  • Co-op Captain (Gold) – Win 50 co-op games

As Game Director Steven ter Heide noted on Twitter, future Killzone: Shadow Fall content will include clan updates, free co-op maps, and more.

[Source: Guerrilla Games, Exophase]