Here’s 23-Minutes of Evolve Gameplay, Releases the Kraken

August 5, 2014Written by Alex Co

Are you one of the people that got bummed that Evolve is getting delayed into early next year? Well, why not watch over 20 minutes of gameplay from Turtle Rock’s upcoming multiplayer shooter to ease the pain?

YouTuber Jackfrags has uploaded a 23-minute clip where it showcases the Kraken. According to ‘frags, he went over to Munich over the weekend to record some gameplay and here’s the fruits of his labor. 

In related news, Turtle Rock has gone on record to say that DLC support for the upcoming shooter will be better than “any game ever before.” 

We’ll know for sure if Turtle Rock can keep its promise once Evolve releases on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in February 10, 2015.

[Source: YouTube via NeoGAF]