Destiny Special Editions Selling for $300+ on eBay

August 6, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


We all saw this coming, especially after Destiny’s beta, but what we didn’t anticipate was someone buying one Destiny Ghost Edition for $1,025, as reported by NeoGAF user DryvBy. Other auctions for special editions are within the range of $300. The actual retail price of the Ghost edition, which is the most expensive special edition of the game, is $150.¬†

destiny ebay

Destiny’s special¬†editions were announced in July, and only a few weeks later, we reported that Walmart was already canceling pre-orders of the Ghost edition as the retailer ran out of them. Following this, Activision and Bungie revealed that these special editions were supposed to be “truly limited.”

We sincerely hope that whoever spent $1,025 isn’t going to regret it later. Then again, he/she has the option of selling it back on eBay for a higher price!

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