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Twitch CEO Apologizes for Wrongful Flagging of Original In-Game Music

August 10, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Twitch has introduced new policies to deal with copyrighted music in videos. Unfortunately, though, the audio recognition technology being used has ended up being more of a headache, causing the video streaming service to be criticized heavily. CEO of Twitch, Emmett Shear, has taken to Reddit to answer some questions and personally apologize to those who have been affected. 

Shear has reassured users that the technology will not be used for live streams and that the company is working to put systems in place to avoid in-game music being flagged wrongly.

We have no intention whatsoever of bringing audio-recognition to live streams on Twitch. This is a VOD-only change for Twitch. We have zero intention of flagging original in-game music. We do intend to flag copyrighted in-game music that’s in Audible Magic’s database. (This was unclear in the blog post, my apologies). In the cases where in-game music is being flagged incorrectly, we are working on a resolution and should have one soon. False positive flags will be unmuted.

Shear also apologized for poor communication and recognized that the new system isn’t as efficient as it should be just yet.

Have you been affected by Twitch’s new policies? Let us know.

[Source: Reddit via IGN]