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GameStop Confirms New Trade-In Policy and Pricing With Effect From August 18

August 12, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Reports had recently surfaced the internet, stating that GameStop was revamping its trade-in policies by offering optimal value (store credit) for games that its customers trade in. The idea behind it is to offer buyers more money while eliminating the current system, which the company describes as “complex.” GameStop has now confirmed that the reports are true.

On August 18, GameStop will only have four price points as opposed to ten. 

We heard from customers that they want a better way to understand the value of what they sell to GameStop and this new initiative is a way to deliver on that feedback. What we’re doing in moving from ten possible price points to four is removing complexity, making it easy for our associates to convey the value of games we buy back and that in selling us their items they are gaining a unique form of currency to buy new products.

At the moment, it’s difficult to assess how much “value” customers will get out of this program, but we’ll find out!

[Source: GameStop]