Creator of Fan-Favorite Shoot ’em Up ‘Ikaruga’ Bringing New Shooter to PS4

August 14, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Hiroshi Iuchi, creator of the infamous shoot ’em up game Ikaruga, is bringing a new shooter to the PlayStation 4, according to his official blog. The message is in Japanese, but a translation reveals that the new game is called Ubusana, which he is developing at M2 where he has been working for about a year now. 

Iuchi mentioned that he’s only just been given permission to talk a little bit about the new game. However, he still didn’t say much other than it will be a downloadable PlayStation 4 title and that there’s a possibility of Ubusana coming to other platforms as well. 

No release date has been given either, but Iuchi has said that it’ll be a while before Ubusana sees light of the day. With regards to the early announcement on his blog, he said, “I’m sure that those who buy shooting games will patiently wait even if we make an earlier announcement.”

Excited yet?

[Source: Hiroshi Iuchi (official blog) via Siliconera]