Bungie: We’re “Definitely Not Doing a Halo Rehash” With Destiny’s Competitive Multiplayer

August 15, 2014Written by Alex Co


Given that Bungie achieved its greatest success with the Halo franchise, and it’s upcoming game — Destiny — seems to be planted in the same sci-fi roots, it’s understandable that some people might think the studio is rehashing ideas — especially for multiplayer.

In an interview with the International Business Times, Bungie Community Manager Eric Osborne fielded questions regarding Destiny. And in one question concerning Destiny’s competitive multiplayer, Osborne mentioned that the studio is “definitely” not doing a rehash of Halo, but they did want to inject some throwback into the multiplayer portion.

I was actually looking at the data earlier today and people played an absolute metric ton of it. We’re able to look at player activities, what they play, how many hours they commit to it and the number of people who played it was pretty humbling.

We’re definitely not doing a Halo rehash but we wanted to inject some throwback, you know, arena and skill-based multiplayer where map control is really important, team work is really important, vehicle control and all of that. In the final game we’ll have a number of additional modes, new maps.

Speaking of Destiny PvP, check out the mode’s latest trailer fresh from gamescom 2014

For those who’ve played Destiny’s competitive multiplayer in the beta, what did you make of it? Was it too much like Halo? Did it have that Bungie seal of approval or was it the weakest link of the whole package?

[Source: IBT]