Bloodborne Gameplay Video is Over Six Minutes Long, Shows Off the gamescom Demo

August 19, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

If you weren’t one of the lucky few thousand who attended gamescom and were given the opportunity to check out the first playable hands-on demo of Bloodborne on PlayStation 4 from From Software, PlayStation has uploaded an over 6-minute gameplay video of the demo, which you can see above.

Here’s the description of the demo video:

Starting with the very first enemy encounter from the demo, watch the truly perilous combat against human hordes and large scale enemies, as well as battles with malformed beasts with an ally NPC at your side. Make your way through the plague-ridden streets of Yharnam and even visit a dimly-lit house interior and use your trusty torch to light the way, before finally facing the the nightmarish boss from the end of the demo. What dark secrets will you find hidden within?

This video features combat showing both the saw cleaver and heavy axe, both of which transform and can be wielded in short and long forms, as well as the brand new Regain combat system that rewards players for countering and striking back.

What did you think of watching Bloodborne in action?