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Yoshida Doesn’t “Completely Understand” Why PS4 is Surpassing Expectations

August 19, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Sony’s boss Shuhei Yoshida has said in an interview with Eurogamer that he doesn’t “completely understand’ what’s happening with regards to how well the PlayStation 4 is selling. When asked what he thinks the reason is behind the console surpassing expectations, he said:

It’s just beyond our imagination. We are so happy. But I for one am a bit nervous because we do not completely understand what’s happening. You need to understand why your products are selling well so you can plan for the future, right? It defied the conventional thinking. Lots of people thought the dedicated game hardware might not be needed going forward, but still lots of people are very excited. 

When asked to explain why he thinks the PlayStation 4 is selling so quickly, he said that he was consulting the marketing department for that.

I’m asking marketing people to tell us why. They’ve been to people who already purchased, and some of the early data was amazing in terms of the number of people who didn’t used to own PS3 have already purchased PS4. So we are getting lots of new customers coming into PlayStation. And some people never purchased any last-gen hardware: PS3, or Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii. So where did they come from?

In the same interview, Yoshida was questioned about the controversial Tomb Raider announcement during gamescom 2014. Unsurprisingly, he said the same thing PlayStation Europe President Jim Ryan had said earlier i.e. he wasn’t aware of Square Enix’s plan at all. Yoshida said that until E3, he assumed that The Rise of the Tomb Raider would be multiplatform, but was taken aback by the gamescom announcement. He also said that he hopes the game eventually comes to the PlayStation 4, but he’s not sure if it will.

That question has to be asked to Square Enix and Microsoft. I hope the game will come out eventually on PS4. But how can I tell? Other than that cryptic message by Phil Spencer.

It’s fine, Yoshida, just give us Uncharted 4 soon!

[Source: Eurogamer]