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Capcom Suing Koei Tecmo Games for Patent Infringement

August 26, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


Capcom has filed a lawsuit against fellow Japanese company Koei Tecmo Games due to a patent infringement, according to a Siliconera translation of a Sankei report.

The lawsuit involves a patent filed by Capcom back in 2002 that apparently involves the idea of expansion packs and transferring data from an old game to a new game. It also appears to involve a feature that has the controller vibrate when enemies are nearby, which Capcom has said is one of the key reasons Koei Tecmo’s games have sold so many copies. 

Capcom is saying that Koei Tecmo has some fifty games that violate the patent, including Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends. The company is seeking about 980 million yen ($9.43 million) in damages.

Besides demanding compensation, Capcom is also asking for a suspension of sales on certain games made by Koei Tecmo. 

Whether or not Capcom’s lawsuit will result in anything remains to be seen.

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