Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Have Co-Op Multiplayer, to be Paywall-Free

August 27, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


BioWare’s upcoming action RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisition, will have co-op multiplayer, but the four-player mode won’t resemble Mass Effect 3’s online adventure. IGN reports that Inquisition’s multiplayer mode will borrow some ideas from Mass Effect 3, such as the economies, but Inquisition’s levels, characters, and economy will be “significantly deeper.”

With the game’s story lasting up to 200 hours, BioWare has aimed for the multiplayer to be played in short bursts of 20-30 minutes each. There will be three multiplayer campaigns at launch, and each will randomly generate a large level with small sections. IGN notes that each area will have distinct features and players won’t experience the same thing again, making the missions “replayable indefinitely.”

BioWare’s Scylla Costa has said that he wants players to commit to Inquisition’s multiplayer. “That means lots of DLC, lots of new heroes and levels. It’s all free DLC for everyone,” he clarified. The game’s multiplayer will be related to the single-player campaign, but will not be connected directly. Costa also confirmed that BioWare will not charge players for anything. “Nothing is behind a paywall. We will never sell you an item,” he said. 

At gamescom 2014, we got to see Inquisition’s gameplay demo, which showed us some of the in-game world and enemies. With multiplayer added on top, this game will keep fans busy for a very, very long time. Dragon Age: Inquisition will release on November 18. 

[Source: IGN]