Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is About 80% Done, Says Square Enix

August 29, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


After watching a 20-minute gameplay demo of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD at PAX Prime 2014 (it wasn’t clear if the video will be made public), IGN talked to Game Director Hajime Tabata.

With Type-0 originally being a PlayStation Portable game, and PlayStation mistakenly saying it would come to PlayStation Vita, IGN asked him if it would ever come to Vita, in addition to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Here’s IGN’s write-up on his response:

His answer was a bit vague, but he kept circling around to the idea of his excitement of finally being able to play through the portable game on the big screen, on new hardware, and the fact that it’ll now be able to get out to a much wider audience.

While their talk seemed short, Tabata was able to confirm Type-0 HD will be a full retail game and it’s about 80% done right now, but he couldn’t reveal when we might actually be able to play it.

As well, in terms of visuals, IGN notes that “it looked good and ran super smoothly, but don’t expect the kind of visuals we saw at the XV demo back at E3 2013. It’s still definitely built upon the foundations of a game from 2011.”

[Source: IGN]