Murasaki Baby Shows Off New Gameplay Trailer, Featuring Creepy Artwork and Unique Controls

August 29, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

A new gameplay trailer has been released for the upcoming PlayStation Vita-exclusive Murasaki Baby, giving us a glimpse at how the strange platformer will work.

The video shows off the game’s creepy and dark graphics as the Baby moves across the screen. Players will use the touchscreen of the PS Vita to lead her through the levels, as the game does not use the system’s buttons or analog sticks.

Over the course of the game, the Baby will begin to learn from past experiences, allowing players to easy up on the controls a little as she becomes slightly more independent. 

The dark, creepy, and yet still endearing Murasaki Baby will be coming out sometime in September for PS Vita.

What do you think of the unique controls for Murasaki Baby? What about the game’s creepy graphics?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]