NBA Live 15 Release Date Delayed

September 9, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Calling it a “hard decision,” but the right one to make, EA has decided to delay NBA Live 15 from its original October 7 release date to October 28 in North America on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, putting it right in line with opening night of the NBA season and away from NBA 2K15.

Executive Producer Sean O’Brien revealed this delay in an open letter on the EA Sports website, where he explained why the release date was pushed back:

We think we’ve come a long way since the launches of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 last November, and we’re still working on tuning certain areas in 5-on-5 gameplay. The team took on an incredible amount of work this year literally touching every single system in gameplay, focusing on providing improved control and responsiveness, as well as animation that both looks and feels great. That will be our calling card moving forward.

Considering all the work that’s gone in so far, we will be taking a few extra weeks to polish the game and make sure you get an incredible NBA experience from the moment you first boot up the title … This was a hard decision, but it’s the right one, as we are totally committed to delivering the highest-quality game we possibly can.

As I said, we’re very proud of the improvements we’ve made in NBA LIVE 15, and we believe with some additional time, our game will reach its full potential.

On Twitter, O’Brien detailed that the delay will see them “fine-tuning aspects of control and responsiveness, animation quality, player AI, presentation, and game balance.”

If you want to learn more about the gameplay of NBA Live 15, head over here.

Over the next few weeks, EA will give us blogs, videos, deep-dives, and more about NBA Live 15, with a demo confirmed to be coming prior to launch.

[Source: EA Sports]