Destiny PS3 Boar Bug Gets Possible Fix, Could be “Region Mismatch”

September 12, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


If an PlayStation 3 users out there are getting the “Boar” error code when trying to play Destiny, Bungie has luckily just released a solution to the problem. 

Apparently, according to a post on Bungie’s help section of their website, the error is occurring due to a “region mismatch between your account and the Destiny game.” To fix this, Bungie has come up with five easy steps PS3 users should follow.

1. Install Destiny.
2. Before launching the game, create a new PSN account. Ensure that the region of your new PSN account matches the game’s region.
3. Launch Destiny to download the update.
4. After the update is downloaded, sign out of your current account and back into your original PSN account.
5. Launch Destiny.

If these steps do not fix the problem, then Bungie has suggested that users delete and then reinstall Destiny onto their PS3 console.

Have you gotten the “Boar” error? Do these steps help at all?

[Source: Bungie]