Bungie: Destiny Launch Was Just the Start, Now “The Real Work Begins”

September 15, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Usually after the launch of a big game, developers like to take some time off and regroup from the hectic last few months of getting everything ready for release day. When it comes to Bungie and Destiny, however, it isn’t the case.

During their latest weekly update, Bungie talked about how the launch of Destiny is just the beginning and now “the real work begins:”

No victory laps. No vacations. Every ending is also a beginning. Now that so many of you have arrived in the Tower, the real work begins. You’re in our world, and we intend to make that a place you’ll want to return to for a long time to come.

Through the first week following Destiny launch, there have been numerous errors reported, ranging from region mismatches to being unable to play the game on college campuses. After introducing us to ‘top man’ Zach Russell, Bungie highlighted some of the things they’re working on right now:

Zach is a guy who loses sleep when you can’t play – him and many like him. He’s the guy who hunts the IT guy on your college campus and chases down the manufacturers of devices that think your Destiny network traffic is an act of cyber-piracy. In fact, if you’re blocked on a university campus, it’s a safe bet that we’re about to announce a fix. At that point, we’ll begin the search and rescue mission for the rest of you. Progress.

[…] Guardians are hunting Fallen, Hive, Vex, and Cabal. At the same time, Bungie is hunting centipedes, cattle, and all of the other nasty creatures that keep people on the ground. Keep talking to us. We’ll keep working for you.

Bungie finished up their weekly update by saying, “If you’ve begun your adventure, Bungie thanks you. If you’re waiting for yours to begin, Bungie is working tirelessly for you. We’re thrilled to be starting the next phase of the journey. We’re just getting started.”

How many hours have you put into Destiny so far?

[Source: Bungie]