Far Cry 4 Elephants of Kryat Trailer Features Intense Elephant Destruction

September 15, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

Although we often think of them as gentle creatures, elephants are actually homicidal psychopaths — or at least that is what the new “Elephants of Kryat” trailer for Far Cry 4 will have you believe. 

In the video, a big, lumbering elephant can be seen taking out multiple bad guys, flipping over cars, and creating large explosions. It’s both majestic and absolutely terrifying.

Adding to the terrifying aspect of it all, the trailer informs us that “elephants crave the taste of human blood.” While it may or may not be true in real life, it looks like it is definitely going to be true in Far Cry 4.

Like in Far Cry 3, it looks like animals will both be a nuisance and a help in the upcoming game, as they can attack your enemies or come after you if you’re not careful enough. Judging from the trailer, it looks like elephants will just about go after anyone.

Are you looking forward to some elephant destruction? Or will it bum you out to have to kill the big beasts?

 [Source: GamesHDMedia (YouTube)]