Sledgehammer Games “Not Worried” About Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Titanfall “Ripoff” Claims

September 16, 2014Written by Alex Co


If you’ve seen gameplay footage of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, chances are you might have compared it to Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall — which is understandable since Respawn is comprised of staff that created the Call of Duty franchise.

This sentiment hasn’t flown over Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey. Over on Twitter, Condrey lamented that “no matter how hard you try and try, people will always be convinced Advanced Warfare is a ripoff of Titanfall.” Condrey also adds, that the studio is not worried about these claims, too.

You can check out our impressions of Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer right here, or check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s exclusive interview with Sledgehammer Games Senior Development Director, Judah Graham.

Do you think Advanced Warfare is too much like Titanfall or should people play it first before jumping to conclusions?

[Source: Michael Condrey (Twitter) via GameSpot]