First Destiny Raid Began Today, Combined Arms & Queen’s Wrath Events Dated

September 16, 2014Written by Jason Dunning



Bungie confirmed that a team did finally complete the Raid:

Original Story:

Earlier today, the first Destiny six-player Raid, The Vault of Glass, went live, with Bungie calling it “the most intense and uniquely challenging end-game activity in Destiny, requiring strategic communication and close co-operation to win.”

Opening up a new way to play Destiny, along with a new location, The Vault of Glass is hidden on Venus and Guardians level 26 and above are given the chance to enter, with Bungie adding, “Bungie Specialists have confirmed that, while you may be able to access the Raid before you reach Level 26, such acts would be very foolish.”

Calling out how “the Raid will demand that you operate as a team,” Bungie Community Manager DeeJ revealed that The Vault of Glass will take a lot of time to complete:

It’s very likely that you will not finish the Raid in one sitting. Your Fireteam leader is crucial to your eventual potential success. Your progress will be saved for one week. To resume your mission where you left off, you’ll need to follow the same Fireteam leader back into battle.

As of 7am PST, Bungie revealed that no one has complete the Raid yet.

Bungie President Harold Ryan talked Raids:

Raids introduce the sixth activity to Destiny, in which players will have to battle their way through intense encounters the likes of which they have yet to experience in the game. It’s humbling to see millions of guardians enjoying Destiny already. We can’t wait for people to experience this exciting, new way to play the game and are committed to continuing to deliver new experiences to the Destiny community.

Bungie also took this opportunity to talk about a couple of upcoming events, revealing that the Combined Arms multiplayer playlist will go live this weekend, pitting Guardians against one another in two game modes on vehicle maps.

Following that, the first timed Destiny event, Queen’s Wrath, will run from September 23 to October 6, giving you extra Bounties to complete, challenging mission modes to unlock, and more Rare and Legendary rewards to earn.

Have you tried The Vault of Glass Raid yet?

[Source: Bungie]