PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: September 27 & 28, 2014 – The Game-That-Must-Not-be-Named Edition

September 26, 2014 Written by Chandler Wood


We’re still enamored by Destinyso while some of us are trying to get over our addiction, others will be giving in without a second thought, and one of us has a birthday!

Here’s what everyone is playing this weekend:

Alex Co (@excaliburps)

It’s going to be Destiny and some Battlefield 4 for me. Might buy sonething from PSN but that’s it.

Chandler Wood (@FinchStrife)

I’m reviewing Slender: The Arrival this weekend, which shouldn’t take much time at all. After that, I will have to concede the TV to D’yani for her review, which is fine by me as I feel like I need to enter a 12-step program to stop playing Destiny. Trying to keep myself from Destiny, I may end up playing Vita or reading Game of Thrones.

D’yani Wood (@Dyani)

I’ll be reviewing a couple games this weekend, hopefully interspersed by playing Sims 4

Dan Oravasaari (@FoolsJoker)

I keep telling myself that I will be taking a break from Destiny, but I can’t seem to stop. So against any sense of responsibility or logic, I will probably be grinding in that and taking the next game I have for review for a spin.

Louis Edwards (@ftwrthtx)

Heading up to Apple Hill on Saturday but it’s looking like a good day for Destiny on Sunday. Cowboys are on Sunday Night Football, so I know where I’ll be then.

Paulmichael Contreras

Cameron sent me Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, so I’ve gotta do some grinding over the weekend! I might be able to pick up the latest Humble Bundle, which has Surgeon Simulator on Android, so that could be fun. Oh and I may be setting up a publicly-accessible Minecraft server…


More Destiny. I might as well set an auto reply for the next few months. Super stoked to hear about the loot buffs coming next week. I’m already decked out in legendaries, but I think it shows Bungie is paying attention to the players. That’s nothing but a good sign for the future.

Zarmena Khan (@Zarmena)

I’m playing some real life this weekend. It’s my birthday on Saturday so I plan to undergo some retail therapy followed by a movie and a Chinese lunch with my mom and little sister. Knowing how much I love my games, my sister based in Australia is shipping me a BioShock Infinite and a Watch_Dogs T-shirt as a present. Can’t wait to receive it!

Are you excited for games other than Destiny to finally start showing up on our picks each week? Let us know what you’ll be playing.