PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: September 27 & 28, 2014 – The Game-That-Must-Not-be-Named Edition

September 26, 2014Written by Chandler Wood


We’re still enamored by Destinyso while some of us are trying to get over our addiction, others will be giving in without a second thought, and one of us has a birthday!

Here’s what everyone is playing this weekend:

Alex Co (@excaliburps)

It’s going to be Destiny and some Battlefield 4 for me. Might buy sonething from PSN but that’s it.

Chandler Wood (@FinchStrife)

I’m reviewing Slender: The Arrival this weekend, which shouldn’t take much time at all. After that, I will have to concede the TV to D’yani for her review, which is fine by me as I feel like I need to enter a 12-step program to stop playing Destiny. Trying to keep myself from Destiny, I may end up playing Vita or reading Game of Thrones.

D’yani Wood (@Dyani)

I’ll be reviewing a couple games this weekend, hopefully interspersed by playing Sims 4

Dan Oravasaari (@FoolsJoker)

I keep telling myself that I will be taking a break from Destiny, but I can’t seem to stop. So against any sense of responsibility or logic, I will probably be grinding in that and taking the next game I have for review for a spin.

Louis Edwards (@ftwrthtx)

Heading up to Apple Hill on Saturday but it’s looking like a good day for Destiny on Sunday. Cowboys are on Sunday Night Football, so I know where I’ll be then.

Paulmichael Contreras

Cameron sent me Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, so I’ve gotta do some grinding over the weekend! I might be able to pick up the latest Humble Bundle, which has Surgeon Simulator on Android, so that could be fun. Oh and I may be setting up a publicly-accessible Minecraft server…


More Destiny. I might as well set an auto reply for the next few months. Super stoked to hear about the loot buffs coming next week. I’m already decked out in legendaries, but I think it shows Bungie is paying attention to the players. That’s nothing but a good sign for the future.

Zarmena Khan (@Zarmena)

I’m playing some real life this weekend. It’s my birthday on Saturday so I plan to undergo some retail therapy followed by a movie and a Chinese lunch with my mom and little sister. Knowing how much I love my games, my sister based in Australia is shipping me a BioShock Infinite and a Watch_Dogs T-shirt as a present. Can’t wait to receive it!

Are you excited for games other than Destiny to finally start showing up on our picks each week? Let us know what you’ll be playing.