The Crew Beta Date Revealed and Ubisoft Talks Late-Game Content

September 26, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


Ubisoft recently posted an article on its blog that talks about the late-game content of its upcoming driving game The Crew, and how later in the game the different cars become more pronounced.

The post mentions how some cars handle completely differently, with some types of cars requiring a constant use of the brakes, while other cars are able to fearlessly drive on without having to slow down. These differences, while they are noticeable early on in the game, feel “even more pronounced during these late-game races and missions.”

Besides talking about late-game content, Ubisoft also took to Twitter to announce that The Crew‘s closed beta version is coming out on September 30, and users can sign up on their website.

The Crew is set to come out on November 11. Will you be signing up to get in on that closed beta? What do you think of Ubisoft’s thoughts on late-game content?

[Source: Ubisoft (Twitter), Ubisoft Blog]