Ubisoft Considered South America and Russia Settings for Far Cry 4

September 27, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan

Far Cry 4 Preview 3

Before Ubisoft decided to head over to the Himalayan region for its upcoming title Far Cry 4, it explored South America and Russia regions for the game’s setting. Speaking to Eurogamer, Senior Level Designer Vincent Ouellette revealed that the development team “pretty much looked everywhere” before deciding that the Himalayas “would be great.” 

Not only did we have different ideas for locations but also different ideas for stories. There was a premise or story idea for each location that we picked. But the more we dug in each location the more we were sure the Himalayas were perfect for a Far Cry game.

Oulette said that the diversity of the Himalayan region was one of the main reasons that Ubisoft pushed forward with that setting. 

Would you have liked to see Far Cry 4 set in either South America or Russia?

[Source: Eurogamer]