Minecraft PS Vita Edition Update 1.01 Fixes Bugs & Save Transfer Crash (Update)

October 16, 2014Written by Jason Dunning



4J Studios confirmed that the update is now rolling out in North America.

Original Story:

It may have only launched a couple of days ago, but 4J Studios has already issued patch 1.01 for Minecraft PS Vita Edition, with this first update designed to address some bugs and a crash that occurred when attempting to download a save transfer with a full memory card.

Currently rolling out in Europe (North America should follow soon), here’s the details on patch 1.01:

  • Fixed a hang when accepting a game invite while in a game
  • Fixed ‘Can Build and Mine’ option in Host Options Menu not functioning properly in a Creative Mode game
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to download a save transfer when the memory card was full
  • Fixed issues with attempting to buy DLC when in Ad Hoc network mode
  • Fixed a hang when selecting “Exit and Save” with a trial texture pack
  • Added Turkish manual

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[Source: 4J Studios, Minecraft Forums]