PSLS Live: Breaking Destiny – Hidden DLC Areas Explored (Offline)

October 16, 2014Written by Dan Oravasaari

 Breaking Destiny

Welcome to PSLS Live, where we normally live stream different PlayStation titles every Thursday night at 6:30 pm PST (9:30 pm EST). This week, we have decided to take our viewers on a tour outside the beaten path of Bungie’s massively successful space shooter Destiny, by going outside the walls and taking a peek at locations believed to be unlocked in future DLC packs.

Curious about how to get to an area? Just ask. Have a new spot we don’t know about? Help us get there.

We’re not sure what next week’s live stream will bring, so if you have something you really want to see, make sure to hit up DanChandler, or rally the community on our forums to vote on a title that you want us to play while you hang out with the community! See you all next week!