Destiny Xur Location and Items for October 24, 2014 Outed, Suros is Back

October 24, 2014Written by Alex Co

Still haven’t nabbed an Exotic item/weapon in Destiny? If so, you’ll be glad that Xur – Agent of the Nine is now back to sell you his items.

For this week’s Destiny Xur location and items post, we’ve once again listed every class specific item, as well as the Exotic weapon he has for sale. In case the headline flew over you, the Suros Regime assault rifle is now back on the table. As for the hooded seller, he’s back in the Vanguard part of the Tower and you can find out where in the video above. He might be running out of places to hide, no?

Check out Xur’s items for sale this week in the gallery:

In other Destiny news, the Mythoclast will once again be patched by Bungie, but this time, to make it more effective in PvE. Also of note, the gear for Destiny’s Crota Raid has been leaked, and it suggests that it will let players break out of the current level 30 cap.

What items are you buying from Xur this weekend? And more importantly, what items should Bungie add to make entice people to keep on farming for Strange Coins and Motes of Light?